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    Please note discounts cannot be used on this product

    if you place an order with a discount your order will be cancelled 

    Each bag contains products worth AT LEAST £85

    If you request specific products you will not receive those products 

    Please follow the below instructions:

    • You can fill out the blank box (if you wish) with the following info (the box takes a a few seconds to load)
    • Your horoscope
    • Your birth date
    • Your ring size (6,7 or 8 US sizing)
    • Your Initial 
    • Products you already own so you don’t receive duplicates 

    IF YOU LEAVE THE BOX BLANK YOU WILL RECEIVE DEFAULT BAG, your box will not contain rings, or customised products (e.g initial necklace) 

    YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO RECEIVE THE PRODUCTS IN THE CUSTOMISATION BAG (e.g if you leave your rings size you may not receive a ring, if you leave your horoscope you may not receive a product with your horoscope on it etc.)

    Bags may contain the following products: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. You may receive a mix of product types or multiple types of the same product (eg. 4 necklaces) 


    You are purchasing these bags at your own risk, if you don’t like the items you won’t be able to return them

    Our 1 Year Guarantee 💎

    We are so confident in our jewellery lasting If the colour changes or fades at all, we will issue a replacement with zero hassle!

    Planet Friendly Packaging ♻️

    We love our planet and want to do everything we can to help.

    To reduce waste all our packaging is 100% recyclable including the outer packaging.

    Our inner packaging is 100% biodegradable made from natural materials.

    Trust Our Happy Customers 😀

    Our products will make you shine and we can talk about them all day - we spend so long choosing the best looking and best quality products.

    But don't take our word for it - read all our reviews below & we post ALL of our reviews - the good and the bad.

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